Koltai Film Academy

Koltai Film Academy

So much more than a school!

A great new film course is now available in Budapest, delivered in English, and sponsored by ARRI, the largest manufacturer of film equipment in Europe.
Lajos Koltai, Hungary?s most prominent cinematographer is to hold an intensive 3-month course!

A centre of excellence for 21st-century film education in Hungary, the HSC Film Crew School is launching a 3-month course for young people interested in directing, cinematography and film acting!

This extraordinary and groundbreaking course is primarily designed to attract those who are currently working as part of a creative team on their first or second film, or who are busy working to put a similar project together.
Split into two modules and running over the course 3 months with expert tuition from Lajos Koltai, the training provided will also allow participants the opportunity to further refine and develop details of their own film projects.
The course is designed primarily for teams of 3 to 5 (director, cinematographer, writer, actors) but also provides an exciting opportunity for other applicants willing to work in a creative environment and play an active part in teams formed throughout the course.
The first module will look at dramatic situations, tension building, character refinement, scene construction, shot planning, film rhythm and sequence structure.
Each director, cinematographer and actor will take part in coordinated project work in practical sessions with seminars based around Lajos Koltai’s extensive film portfolio looking at many key aspects of artistic approach and practical production.
Participants will be given a guided tour through the intricacies of Hungarian, European and American filmmaking as they analyse scenes selected from Lajos Koltai’s 75 films made to date including : The Agitators, Press, Riddance, In The End, Mrs Dery Where Are You?, The Prize Trip, Adoption, Angi Vera, A Priceless Day, Time Stands Still, Mefisto, Heavenly Hosts, Colonel Redl, Hanussen – Hitler’s Astrologer, Perfect Witness, Mobsters, Wrestling Ernest Hemingway, The Legend of 1900, Sunshine, Malena, Taking Sides, The Emperor’s Club, Being Julia, Fateless and Evening.
During the course, the participants will be provided with the opportunity to present their projects to local and foreign filmmakers enabling them to profit from the feedback received.
The second module will focus more heavily on scene analysis going on to rehearsal and recording with ongoing screenplay development and preproduction planning.


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